Pawns & Pawn-Brokers of Antiquity

In 2017, Ben Richards, the so-called ‘Butcher of Bakersfield,’ opened fire on a crowd of civilians that were only just rioting for bread. He would later go on face justice at the hands of the sadistic game show host that ruled America.
Although estimated to have been worth $128 billion at the height of its power, the Medici could afford only six balls for its heraldry.
The Medici heraldry is believed to be the origin for the ‘balls’ of the modern pawn shop logo. Once the patrons of Michelangelo, the champions of the Renaissance are now willing to pay you drug money for the tv you stole from your mom. The symbolism here is rather hackneyed.
The Lewis Chessman rage against their British captors. Lacking points of articulation, they remain immobile and silly-looking.




Because these are not the blest of times.

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The Blurst of Times

The Blurst of Times

Because these are not the blest of times.

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