“WE’RE AN EMPIRE NOW,” said Porcine-American Bush official Karl Rove to a member of the press, after 9/11, “and when we act, we create our own reality. And while you’re studying that reality — judiciously, as you will — we’ll act again, creating other new realities, which you can study too, and that’s how things will sort out. We’re history’s actors … and you, all of you, will be left to just study what we do.” If the humanities, the arts, and civilization itself somehow survive the next 100 years, Rove’s breathtakingly hubristic statement will be a signature quote about the downfall of American hegemony.

Pigs wallow in their feces and devour human flesh.

Because…. that’s right, folks: we’ve passed another anniversary of 9/11/01, that event which fast-tracked us on the path to full-blown fascist empire. We were attacked by evil men (that we trained to kill Soviets decades ago), and then our rage was harnessed by political opportunists to guide us into a pointless war where we killed over 100 times the number of innocent people who died on that fateful Tuesday. Like in so much of the nation’s history, it experienced something traumatic as a result of its actions (in this case, foreign meddling in the Middle East and Afghanistan), and then looked deep within its soul and doubled-down on its deeds. (SEE ALSO: The Civil War & the violence of Jim Crow; Vietnam & Reagan-era jingoism; the proud, criminal stupidity of George W. Bush & the election of Donald Trump).

Arguably, the greatest legacy of 9/11 in the United States has been the utter lack of legal or professional repercussions for any of the failures leading up to the attack, or for the Iraq War’s architects, perpetrators, and advocates. It sounded the final death knell of accountability in today’s decaying democratic institutions. The endgame of a war on competence, logic and science as a solution to society’s problems; a spirited counter-enlightenment which began under the Reagan administration by big business government-types and spurred on by the Powell Memorandum.

- Trickle-down economics destroying the middle class? Seeing a rich man should inspire you to work harder.

- No evidence that Saddam worked with Al-Qaida? You weren’t there. Trust your leaders, they’ve got this.

- Concerns about the air quality at Ground Zero? Everything is ok, go back to work. Don’t think about maybe dying of cancer in ten years.

- The President is an obscenely corrupt, alleged rapist and former gameshow host who’s committed hundreds of crimes and possibly treason? No, you are.

- Climate change destroying civilization and eradicating the future? Fuck you.

As of 2019, there is no outrage, no conflict, and no abuse that’s considered beyond the pale for America to commit in the name of safety. This may mean accidentally obliterating foreign wedding parties with drone strikes, helping the Saudis in their genocidal war against Yemen, separating asylum-seeking immigrants from their children and putting them in concentration camps where many would be molested and/or die, or shooting black people for no reason.

It codified what ‘Bush V. Gore’ had implied: If the Republicans put their collective will to something, they will achieve it with singular ruthlessness. Conversely, the Democrats will crumple fast and go along with anything the GOP demands, so as to avoid risking their own jobs. Especially if the GOP calls them sissies when they express concern about things like economic stability and the environment. Nothing says, “strength” like giving in to a bully.

THE “ELEPHANT’S FOOT” AT IN THE BASEMENT OF CHERNOBYL was once been a solid plate of metal that helped to contain the nuclear reactor. Superheated and irradiated by the explosion, it melted through the floor and down to the lowest level of the structure where it sits today, slowly burning even deeper.

Gaze upon Babar the Elephant, and die.

At its peak deadliness just minutes after the disaster, it emitted 10,000 roentgens per hour. A minute’s worth of exposure was lethal by the end of the week. After two minutes and you’d start hemorrhaging blood and vomiting on the spot. Three minutes and you’d be dead by the end of the day. It’s still there, still slowly melting through the floor. Eventually it will hit the water table and irradiate drinking water that spreads well beyond the area, so it will have to be dealt with by then.

Feet are dangerous when left to their own devices.

CHARLES MANSON wasn’t a bad musician(?) He was originally tried to get in good with the Beach Boys, and much like the question of Fidel Castro/NY Yankees and Hitler/Art School, one can’t help but wonder if things might have gone differently if this career had taken off. Then again, maybe providing a psychopath with wealth, power, and a cult of worshipful fans might not have been so great, either.

PASSPORTS come in various colors for various countries, with only the loosest guidelines and with plenty of exceptions. Generally speaking: blue for the Americas and parts of Africa; Red for Eurasia; Green for Africa and the Middle East (green being the sacred color of Mohammad); black for random exceptions (e.g. New Zealand) and diplomatic passes. Wealthy people get a special chip inserted in their brain which allows them to bypass all customs officials where ever they go, because borders are an artificial construct that mean nothing to the world’s true masters.

No diplomatic immunity in King’s Landing.

THAT SCARY ORGY SCENE from eyes “Eyes Wide Shut” is more relevant than ever before, what with the revelations of what our depraved elites get up to in their spare time. The Italian mask-maker who designed the masks for that scene has a website that’s worth checking out.

But Doctor, I AM a terrifying clown!

Because these are not the blest of times.