A QUICK REMINDER that the world’s leading climate scientists said that we have until 2040 to turn things around or we will face catastrophic, irreparable destruction leading to the death of billions and mass extinction of species. To date, our global ruling class have done absolutely nothing to address this. Although sometimes you may catch at the fringes of the news cycle something about wealthy people designing fortresses, the privatization of armed forces around the globe, or Silicon Valley guys fleeing the planet for Mars. Everything is ok. To say otherwise is an example of all of the bad “-isms”.

Environmental catastrophe pales in comparison to the cultural wasteland on display this season at the Philharmonic.

A SERIAL KILLER IS PROBABLY ON THE PROWL IN CHICAGO! As per the studies of city activists and outside experts interviewed in a recent VICE segment, over fifty African-American women in the city’s poorer neighborhoods have been choked to death, stripped naked, and set ablaze in dumpsters since 2007. A very specific way to do things. The Chicago authorities have, until late, refused to acknowledge this as a serial killer’s work. Mutual mistrust between the law and civilians prevents easy cooperation, which is essential for a case such as this.

Everywhere in the world, every major city’s police department has its foibles. In some places, corruption is so pervasive and accepted that it’s not even something you’re to be “caught” or “punished” for. Bribes are an accepted form of compensation in a dysfunctional state, and a means of ensuring law enforcement’s loyalty against opponents of the state.

Even in America, critics love to harp over every little historical crime and cover-up by law enforcement. Like the Central Park Jogger case in NYPD, the Rampart scandal of the LAPD, the Freddie Grey case in Baltimore, Danziger Bridge in New Orleans, or that time in the late 1980s, when over 10% of the Miami PD was busted for drug-related offenses. And some other things.

NEVERTHELESS, THE CHICAGO PD stands alone, punching well above its weight. There was the “police riot” of the 1968 Democratic National Convention, where protestors were viciously brutalized by men too old young for Korea but too old for Vietnam. There was the straight-up murder of Fred Hampton by the CPD and FBI. There was that War on Terror “black site” that was opened after 9/11; a no-place where American suspects were held for long period without any charges or access to a lawyer. Many were subject to violence, and there was at least one death. Constitution need not apply!

A helpful guide in our journey to militarized police state.

So…. in summation, the Chicago PD is a land of contrasts, and the tension between police and citizen is “turned up to 11.” Whereas major cities like NY and LA presently have homicide clearance rates in the 60% and 70% range, Chicago’s homicide rate is in the low 20%, one of the lowest for any city in the entire developed world. It’s also worth noting that clearance means “arrested” not “convicted.” But hey, let’s be honest, these numbers don’t really reflect reality if you’re white and live in the more affluent areas. Just be glad you’re not living in a poor area. I hear it’s pretty dangerous!

FINALLY, ON A SEPARATE MATTER OF IMPORTANCE, I (relatively recently) watched the documentary on My’Kell Jack-Son, fey folk spirit.

It would appear that during the day and under the lights of the stage, he was a free spirit of the Seelie court; engaging in various mischiefs, dancing with childlike faux-sexuality, and bringing joy to the world with music and entertainment. His powers grew ever stronger by feeding from adulation. Kin to pixies, elves, and undines.


But hiding in its shadow was Jack-Son of the Unseelie Court, kin to sidhe, boggarts, and salamanders. With the bloodthirst of a redcap, this creature abused children, manipulated and destroyed families, and built a spiderweb amusement park to trap his prey. He bought the rights for the Beatles’ “Revolution” so that he could sell it to Nike for a shoe commercial. Over time, his inner nature could not be contained by his outer shell. His features warped into something that could no longer quite pass for human.


I couldn’t help but wonder what would happen if the Jack-Son were still on Earth today. It emerges from a long exile and announces that it is ready to create another album on par with “Thriller.” If society’s price for this album was the delivery of a handful of boys to the black site Neverland for its amusements, would the nation consent? (“Referendum PYT”- vote this November)

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Because these are not the blest of times.