BREYER WON’T RETIRE: Having learned nothing from the tragic(ally predictable) death of Notorious RBG, SCOTUS Justice Stephen Breyer is staying philosophical about his retirement plans, opting to stick around and maybe die/quit after the midterms in 2022, when the GOP will almost certainly retake Congress and block any appointee made…

IT IS SAID THAT BAD PEOPLE GO TO HELL. But did you know that if you’re evil enough, there might be a prestigious job waiting for you there?

Donald Rumsfeld

JEFF BEZOS WENT INTO SPACE: I had given it even odds that he wasn’t going to come back; that him and his…

POLICE OFFICERS SHOT AN UNARMED BLACK MAN IN [place] ON [date] FOR A CHANGE: Here’s the thing, folks. Johnny Law and the Powers That Be have spent the last 20 years deciding that it’s better to have 10 African-American civilians die by way of police overreaction than risk one ‘LEO’…

YOU MAY NOT HAVE NOTICED, but there has been some trouble with the police in the last few months. Yes, it seems that the post-9/11 “War on Terror” has co-habitated and procreated with the Reagan-Era “War on Drugs” to produce some distinctly unattractive offspring.

Cool and normal.

And this isn’t just in your…

The Blurst of Times

Because these are not the blest of times.

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